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Fic Archive

For easy reference -- these are (more or less) all of the fic-type things I've posted, either on my own journal, at comms, or reposts of things posted elsewhere. Everything is arranged by category, with the newest fics listed first.

All of my fics are open for remixing, adding sequels, prologues, missing scenes, and so forth, no need to ask specific permission, with the only requirement being that you please link back to the original work and credit niamaea as the original author. That said, a comment somewhere or an email (niamaea at livejournal dot com) as a heads up would be muchly appreciated. :)

Completed Stories

The Worth of Things Not Said (NC-17, Jack/Daniel, first time)
And You Can Go Home Again (PG, Jonas gen)
Mission: Improbable (PG, team)
Tho' always under alter'd skies (PG, Daniel & Sam friendship)
A million years into the sky (PG, team futurefic with peripheral Sam/Cam)
Getting Closer (PG, Jack/Daniel slash)
Taking Leave (PG, Daniel & Sam friendship)
Ithaca (PG, Daniel & Teal'c friendship futurefic)

Ficlets, Snippets, Drabbles, and Amnesty

Down Time With a Vengeance
(PG, Cam & Teal'c friendship)
Wildly Improbable Probabilities (PG-13, Cam/Teal'c slash)
"'This is boring' Jack grumbled." (PG, Jack & Daniel last line meme snippet)
"Jack snatched irritably at the bedside phone. 'Yeah'" (PG, team last line meme snippet)
"It takes Sam ten years to find Daniel." (PG, kinda Sam/Daniel last lime meme snippet)
Rebooted (PG, team drabble)
"The Stargate went public on a Tuesday night in January." (PG, Daniel & Sam amnesty opening)
Waiting on the Weekend (PG, Jack drabblex5)

Five Things

Five alternate universes SG-1 has visited through the quantum mirror
(warnings for...everything.)
Five laws Daniel broke (PG-13, Daniel)
Five things Daniel does when he can't sleep (PG, Daniel)
Five ways Daniel Jackson didn't die (PG, Daniel)
Five planets Jack wants to retire to (PG, Jack)
Five missions Jack fantasizes about (PG, Jack)
Five things Sam wishes Jack had never said in bed (PG-13, S/J, J/D)
Five things Sam regrets about getting involved in a threesome with Jack and Daniel (PG-13, S/D/J)
Five costumes worn to the SGC Halloween party (PG)
Four times Jack cried and one time he didn't (PG-13, Jack)



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