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2007 Fic Roundup

Almost didn't do one of these, since the answer to the question "What fics did you write in 2007?" -- with the exception of one or two five things pieces -- is, "Um, all of them." The questions I've stolen from surreallis because I really enjoyed reading her answers, and I've never particularly reflected back or done commentaries on any of my stuff, which is...lazy.

2007 Fic ArchiveCollapse )

And assorted thoughts/babbling about the fic this year.Collapse )


FIC: Year in Review

A late one for houldouttrout's Christmas prompts, except I started writing them and realized that, headers notwithstanding, they were not at all Christmasy. Er...oops? So I guess I'll just keep it here, instead of there. Also, I totally stole the format from sidlj, unintentionally, but credit where it is due.

The original prompt was "Original Team: Twelve Days of Christmas, SG-1 style." I have to say, some of those days in the middle were a streeeetch. ('Maids-a-milking'? Come on.) And for some reason, when I do related drabbles, I tend to torture Jack. What's up with that? I tried to spread it around a little this go, but...eh. Poor Jack. Always gets the worst of it.

Year in Review: 12 months, 12 plants, 12 drabbles. (One terrible song.)Collapse )


Whew, okay. That's it. No more fic this year. Happy New Year, everybody!


Housekeeping 07

Here we go, another one of those posts for compiling some of the random bits and pieces that I haven't done anything with. Not a lot, this go, since mostly what's cluttering up my hard drive at the moment are WIPs (apocafic, I'm looking at you), although next time that 'post pieces of your WIP-fic' meme goes around, I am so there.

Anyway. This one happened -- I think -- after some chatter in someone else's journal about the SGC being haunted. I want to say it was paian, and not just because I tend to blame everything on her, as she's a sneaky little enabler. (ps, Komos, remind me to post pictures of those cookies.) It also has to have the crackiest OC I've written in any fandom, ever. Not the crackiest scenario, but up there. Just, cracky, in general.

Daniel makes a friend, seasons 6/8. ~850. Warnings for Jimi Hendrix and complete non-enlightenment.Collapse )

Opening to an attempt at an apocalpyse_kree fic that didn't end up going anywhere.

The only way anywhere near the mountain was on foot. ~600. Warnings for teh mellodramaaaaaa.Collapse )

Another abandoned story-that-wasn't for apocalypse_kree, this time for a prompt that I didn't even claim -- which is good, since, abandoned. If you're sensing that apocafic problems are a theme for me this time, you would be correct.

I think the prompt was something about death and the Tok'ra. ~700. Warnings for total lack of context, some trippy-dippyness, and very confusing italicization.Collapse )

Apparently at some point I was planning to put an apocalypse in there.

Aaand, a piece of something or other I was playing with for paian's Next Steps verse (See? Blame everyone on Komos), because she very kindly said people could play and no one did, which is just a travesty. A travesty I assisted, because neither did I. This would have been a story called 'Things They Don't Teach You In Basic' and would have had section headers like 'gruel: it's what's for dinner. and breakfast. and lunch.' and 'getting thrown in jail is easy; getting out, slightly less so.' and have had lots of off-world exploration and wacky hijinx and fun with Cassie. If I had written it. Which I didn't.

Team building, if soldiers were Pokemon. ~600. Warnings for very unorthodox assignment approaches and way too many OCs.Collapse )

Okay! Clean house. New stuff for 2008. That is not bad apocafic. I really hope.


Suitably misty and watercolored

Last night I had the very weird fandom deja-vu experience of recognizing a name from an older fandom that I used to be active in (before I was dragged - kicking and screaming, I tell you! - into SG-1. Or at least, dragged gesturing empathetically and speaking loudly into watching an episode, and then I was good to go). I'm weird like this: if I'm inactive for a while online, I'm always really sheepish about coming back (see: last post). Don't ask me, I dunno. After a particularly long absense from the old journal, which involved, among other things, hospitalization, I just...didn't post anymore. Err. Which kind of sucked, since there were some very cool people in that (very small) fandom.

And then yesterday! So I went cruising through the journal of yesteryear, and I had totally forgotten that there had been a little preliminary SG-1 chatter with the one other girl I knew watched it. Best entry?

"Ew, Sam and Jack are so gross....I'm so disturbed by my own crush on Ba'al." (And in comments, "He's an evil little dreamboat.")

I think I was somewhere in season six (?) at the time, after having mainlined everything else in about a month. Clearly my predilections were apparent early. Although IIRC this was before I stumbled onto SG-1 slash. "Jack and Daniel together? Ho ho! I see what you did there."

ETA: No offense intended to my J/S friends, of course. You know I'm all about the great and tooby (thanks kalquessa!) multishipping love now.


Okay, boys and girls, be sure to study this, because there will be a quiz. To review...

Things That Are Good:
Semesters ending
Getting to take a break from living with your roommates for a while, before any inconvenient murder occurs
The apples you get in holiday gift baskets. Where are these the rest of the year? Seriously.
24-hour Christmas music radio stations...whee!
Fandom. OH, Fandom, I've missed yooooooou.

Things That Are NOT Good:
Finals. Good Lord, Professor, who pissed in your Cheerios the day you drafted that mother up?
Registering for classes. ("What do you mean our program can't possibly prepare you for any of the graduate programs you're interested in. Why, look at all of our classes, however can this be?" Uh, I dunno, you tell me.)
Psychology of Perception. Just don't, folks.
/friends?skip=10000. *weeps*
My car's lack of four wheel drive. Ow.
Brussel sprouts... don't ask.

No explanation for my prolonged absence at the moment, because honestly, I could tell you guys, and you'd never believe me. Endless. So lets skip it.

Now I'm back home. Yay! And I'm come bearing fic. Gasp! Well, kind of silly Christmas-prompty nonsense, but it's written down and it's fictional, so...fic! Also known as "Why peeking at the flist when I was supposed to be still studying was a bad idea." Or alternatively, "Oooh, lookit all of holdouttrout's pretty prompts!"

Title: Traditionally Speaking
Rating: G
Word Count: 1500-ish
Warnings: Cookies in places they don't belong; vague Christmas sappiness; convenient plot devices; one totally made up Goa'uld word (extraneous apostrophe included); inexcusable silliness; the phrase 'merry elves'; an element of, 'Uh, does probability work that way?' Probably not. Oh, just go with it.
Summary: "I don’t think this was quite how we all planned to spend the holiday.”

The little green LED display clicked over from 11:59 to 12:00. Jack sighed, stretched his back out till his shoulder popped, and said, 'Well, Merry Christmas, kids.'Collapse )


Secaucus Con 07: Friday

So! To begin post one of what will probably be three: registration started at 1 -- except it turned out it actually started at 12:30 -- so I walked in at 12:45 and, tada! The con had already started. Which was pretty excellent, although at that point I don't know anyone, and so I mostly wandered around - probably looking terrified. Yes, fear the scary vendors and ticket ladies! Because I'm a dork. But I digress.

The auditorium wasn't all that large, but there were a lot of seats crammed in there, and the first row was about a foot and a half from the stage. I was in the third row, off towards the side -- not a bad seat at all. Not excellent for pictures (as I'm sure my photos will attest, when I post them) but great for just watching, so, no complaints.

The first hour or so was mostly registration and people milling around the vendors room, but after that the con kicked off.  (Some images below, heads up.)


(But I'm working on one, I swear!)

Actually, lately I've had the most tremendous, persistent writer's block. Forget managing to get anything I've been happy with down, I've been having Issues getting anything, period.

So imagine my surprise when what finally managed to break its way through the creativity death was a Pornucopia prompt response over at surreallis' journal.

An angsty-threesome-flavored response, no less! It's here: Sam/Jack/Daniel - melancholy (R).

And now, to find time to read all of the other (totally awesome looking) responses. Yay, porn! Ahem.


Secaucus Con:

I'm baaaaaack! And I had so much fun, you guys -- everybody should find a way to go to at least one con in their lives, because getting to hang out with like minded people for a weekend and be able to have conversations like "Major Lorne's Happy Pills: A Very Special SGA" is a fantastic experience, and very fannishly rejuvenating I might add. (Sidebar: What's up, Tabula Rasa? I really liked this episode, but I have to say I liked it a lot better ...mild Tabula Rasa spoiler.Collapse ))

Anyway. I have to sort through my pictures (which are bad, by the way...between my seat angle and the lighting and my point-and-shoot being temperamental, I had an interesting time of it) and type up a con report for the talks, but I figured I'd throw some random stuff up now while it's fresh. So! In no particular order.

1. hsapiens, selmak, janiekins, triciabyrne1978, and a whole lot of people from Gateworld whose real names I wont post and whose handles I'm not totally sure on, and everyone else I met, too, are all awesome. Seriously awesome. Awesome enough to not only be super nice and let me join their group & tables when I didn't know anyone but hsapiens, but also making a photo-op that I was definitely not expecting to happen possible via the "Hot Actors Niamaea Wishes She Could Take Pictures With Fund." (More on that in detail in another post, because I'm dead serious when I say the best thing about my 'weekend with the stars' was the other fans.)

2. Michael Shanks. Black leather jacket, today. I think my feelings on this are probably fairly transparent, for those of you who've known me a while. The hair, however? Um. (He was fantastic at breakfast this morning, for the record.)

3. Cliff Simon is really, absurdly, ludicrously attractive. I didn't know the gene pool could do that. But there was a moment at breakfast today when he looked directly at me and smiled, and now there are a number of witnesses who can attest to the twenty-minute blush that resulted. Yeeeeeeah.

4. Alexis Cruz keeps flowers in his pants.

5. If you ever need a garage built, see Jay Acovone. (And "his guys," heh.)

6. Paul McGillion making fun of Joe Flannigan is possibly the funniest thing ever.

7. There's a third SG-1 movie script being written right now, wheeee!

9. The answer is, "If you could shoot anyone with a zat only one time, who would it be?" The question is, "What is a question I never want to hear again?" (Runner up is anything relating to the function of the seventh chevron, as this is apparently a surprisingly controversial topic.)

And finally, 8. Stargate fandom? The best.


Taking my dorkiness to the public sector.

Okay, first of all: ZOMG HAI GUYS. It's been a while. (Midterms, oh Lord.) I have been much missing the fannish glee and squee lately, so hopefully now that I'm done getting my ass handed to me by the neural biology of perception I will be able to not just haunt people's comments at random.

BUT! Probably not until Sunday. BECAUSE! It's the NJ Con this weekend, and I'm leaving in ten minutes, wheeeee! I have to bring my laptop so I can work on a paper a bit while I'm down there (boo) and so depending on what the wifi situation is like, may post an update sometime tonight or tomorrow, but otherwise I'll be back Sunday with hopefully many fun stories and pictures.

(My first con. Eeee!)

So that's that. When I return, at least several LJ people will know conclusively what an utter dork I am, on and off the computer. Just in case there were any lingering doubts.


I'm only a LITTLE late!

ZOMG. It was, as recently as 57 minutes ago is my one year LJ-versary today! A few weeks ago I was totally planning on writing some drabbles or something, or at least making some snarky comments about clothes or something. Yeah... uh huh, that happened.

So, instead, how 'bout a great big group hug to all of you wonderful people, to everyone who's ever come by and read or commented or tolerated my lunatic ramblings and stick figures, and very especially to everyone who put up with me about...oh...eleven months ago, when I was young and shy and crazy, and was so nice that I decided to stick with this whole active-fandom-lj-talking-to-people thing.

(I'm aware that I'm still crazy, by the way. Go with it.)

A whole year! Yay. I should have made cake.