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Back in action, round ??

One thing I do like about my school is that we get out fairly early. Which is to say that, excepting finals next week (which, thanks to being in a lot of research-project oriented classes this semester, I only have one and a half-ish of) I'm doooone. For the semester, anyway. Which means I get to finally end my self-imposed LJ exile, admittedly a little early, since I believe my words to myself were " - and no playing until finals are over, no, not even a little." I hate having to go on LJ hiatus, especially as I feel like I've been more than I haven't this school year, but about this time last year, as I recall, I was cramming frantically for an exam that I didn't study enough for AT ALL because A million years into the sky had eaten my brain. No good. My professor, not so interested in my (quite elaborate, might I add) timeline for that story. Huh.

So now the biggest catchup ever begins. If you've posted fic or something cool in the last...uh, three months (?!), I'm not only encouraging self-pimp, but actually asking. Let's see the goods! Other-people-pimp is also wonderful, natch. And, because this has been floating around in my head for about two weeks and I haven't allowed myself to go looking: there must be either some SG-1 or J/D as detectives/police officers AR-fics out there, right? That just has to have been done. I would like to read it. Usually starglyph and green_grrl are my go-to ladies on the awesome rec compilations, but if the AU/AR theme lists exists on either of those two journals I've somehow stupidly managed to miss them. So! Anybody?


May. 2nd, 2008 05:36 pm (UTC)
One item on my to-do list is to 'sort' all the AUs so they're easier for me to find, but in the meantime...

stargate_search has a fabulous AU J/D list that perfica does a great job of maintaining. You can read through the descriptions to find your cops, but off the top of my head:
Alternate Reality Bytes by Dragonfly Promises -- SG-1 detectives and 20+ chapters.
Bluff and Double Bluff by Gateroller -- Jack and Daniel are hostage negotiators.
There are a couple ‘Jack is Daniel’s bodyguard’ fics in there, too.

Not on the list is the novella The Gift by ELG. Jack’s a detective and Daniel’s a suspect. I may have a couple more that aren't on the list, if you're looking for something specific.

Why? :)

Glad to have you back!

May. 2nd, 2008 09:26 pm (UTC)
Hee! I'm about to do a split-off post of AUs, too! Right now mine are buried in my SG-1 Tropes recs list. And I was going to point to the stargate_search list, too; it's much more comprehensive. :-D
May. 2nd, 2008 11:33 pm (UTC)
Yay for more AU pimping! It's so cool there are so many AUs (though never enough!), but it makes specific fics harder to find without some search tags.

I've only got what I call 'SGC AUs' sorted out so far -- not even coded -- and my to-do list is ginormous. I'd love to know how you're sorting; would you email me with the tags you're thinking of using?
May. 3rd, 2008 06:14 pm (UTC)
Glee! All the shiny AUs to read. When I next catch you online I will have to ramble at you re: the idea that has eaten my brain, but this list is gonna keep me busy.


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