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For easy reference -- these are (more or less) all of the fic-type things I've posted, either on my own journal, at comms, or reposts of things posted elsewhere. Everything is arranged by category, with the newest fics listed first.

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Back in action, round ??

One thing I do like about my school is that we get out fairly early. Which is to say that, excepting finals next week (which, thanks to being in a lot of research-project oriented classes this semester, I only have one and a half-ish of) I'm doooone. For the semester, anyway. Which means I get to finally end my self-imposed LJ exile, admittedly a little early, since I believe my words to myself were " - and no playing until finals are over, no, not even a little." I hate having to go on LJ hiatus, especially as I feel like I've been more than I haven't this school year, but about this time last year, as I recall, I was cramming frantically for an exam that I didn't study enough for AT ALL because A million years into the sky had eaten my brain. No good. My professor, not so interested in my (quite elaborate, might I add) timeline for that story. Huh.

So now the biggest catchup ever begins. If you've posted fic or something cool in the last...uh, three months (?!), I'm not only encouraging self-pimp, but actually asking. Let's see the goods! Other-people-pimp is also wonderful, natch. And, because this has been floating around in my head for about two weeks and I haven't allowed myself to go looking: there must be either some SG-1 or J/D as detectives/police officers AR-fics out there, right? That just has to have been done. I would like to read it. Usually starglyph and green_grrl are my go-to ladies on the awesome rec compilations, but if the AU/AR theme lists exists on either of those two journals I've somehow stupidly managed to miss them. So! Anybody?
My Ark of Truth related question of the moment is:

This is a pressing issue, people!Collapse )

Because someone really needs to get on that.


It's a BOX full of TRUTHINESS.

I have to offer up so many thanks unto the gods of fandom for having the AoT release happen the week of my spring break, making it possible for me to actually watch it the day I got it and have time to spend on LJ reading reactions and putting mine up. (I'm still alive, by the way! Although I'm coming to terms with the fact that this year of school is just not kind to my prospects of being very fannishly active on a reliable basis.)

So! Ark of Truth, my reaction to which was basically Oh, Teal'c! Daniel! TEAL'C!Collapse )

Wow, that got long. Stargate. Yaaaay, Stargate! My status as squeeing fangirl is thus restored.


Thinky thinky thinky.

First of all, for starglyph, princessofg, redbyrd_sgcfic, and zats_clear: as the fic currently NOT in your inbox will attest to, I will apparently be belaying that call for hand-holding, as upon review I have discovered that I am still at the 'aiiiiiiiieeee, this story is the devil!' stage. I will check back in with you guys when I upgrade to 'I do not currently want to kill this story and everyone in it' status and see if you are still available/willing, if that's okay? Which leads me to...

I have been having, thoughts, people. Thoughts! Vaguely internal-metaish thoughts, in fact, which is somewhat rare for me, as my thought process usually involves trying to decide how best to insert myself into the entertainment industry for the express purposes of getting someone to write me a Die Hard-esque action movie to blow stuff up in, or contemplating whether or not my favorite Sim family should get a puppy. (One of those things is 100% true and the other, about half. I withhold comment on which is which.) Lately, though... contemplative. Mostly about writing.

I would like to make a conscious effort to suck less than I currently do.Collapse )

I watch it for the big round thing, mostly

Okay, a couple things:

SGA 4x12, Spoils of WarCollapse )

I really do want to like this show but... gah!


SGA 4x11, 'Be all my sins remember'd'...or, My teal deer beef with SGA, let me show you it.Collapse )

In non-why-SGA-is-bugging-the-crap-out-of-me related news, I think I need some hand-holding on this apocafic, loathe as I am to admit it. I'm stalling out in the very middle of the story and could probably use some eyes that aren't mine on it, because something's broken and I don't know what it is. It's Jack & Daniel (but gen) and if anyone's willing to have a look once I get a functioning draft of the third section down, I will owe you forever.


I work at a childrens' theater. This can be either a lot more or lot less fun than it sounds, depending on the day or, in some cases, the ten minutes in which you ask me about it. Our kids are mostly all somewhere between 7 and 15, but the vast majority are 9-13ish (and let me tell you, you want good times? Middle school girls, my friends. Nothing says shrieking dramarama to me like a bunch of 13 year-olds with theatrical tendencies locked in a rehearsal room together.)

So, of course, we're doing High School Musical right now. I say 'of course' because every youth theater in the country has done this show sometime in the last year, I think. (And if someone knows of one that hasn't please let me know, because that executive director deserves a friggin' parade. I do not, for the record, welcome Zac Effron as my new floppy-haired overlord. Or any of the rest of the cast, for that matter. Not even the boy with the awesome hair and the balls to bill himself as Cordon Bleu with a straight face. (Well, Corbin, but whatever.) Although he is adorable and I hope he can buy his soul back from Disney one day. Or at least manage to extricate himself from the franchise, because it has to be the worst piece of crap movie I've ever had to sit through. But today I found out that besides having an absolutely ridonkulous plot and about the least accurate portrayal of high school life ever (I mean, in my school we would do all of our lunchroom song-and-dance breaks in four-part harmony at least, for one thing), it also has fandom. Fandom! That my kids at work are actively participating in!

I'm torn. On the one hand: yes! Grow, my wee fanbrats, grow! On the other hand: we need to talk about your source material.

I only discovered all this today because a bunch of the girls were all talking about their very own High School Musical stories. I'm sorry -- ahahahahahaha! I love it. Apparently one is working on one where a new girl transfers to Whatchamacallit High and even though girls aren't allowed on the basketball team zomg!!! she is determined to play and she's actually Gabriella's best friend from elementary school and she and Chad fall in love forever, hurrah! (If this girl's name is not [First name of author] Crystal Jennifer Moonbeam Serenity [Last name of author], I will be sorely disappointed. And I hope her eyes are purple. The author is 12. Mary Sue your heart out, girl.) Another one is apparently writing one where Gabriella gets into a car crash right before prom. Oh noes! Adorable.

Now I just need to get them some better canon to work with. (I think I'm going to see if the girl writing the Mary Sue story has read the Alanna books...I think she'd dig 'em.)

Apocalypse, uh...sooner or later.

Sigh. My love for Jon Stewart is endless, yes, but Comedy Central needs to get him his writers back. Make a deal, Comedy Central. Maaaaake a deaaaaaaal, ooooOOOooooOOOooo.


So here's the problem: I'm trying very hard to end the world for abyssinia4077's finish-a-thon but, surprisingly, the apocalypse is rather resistant to being brought about. Who knew? I'm up to three completely different (partial) scenarios, none of which I can actually write. Feh! There's the one with a big empty hotel, and Jack and Daniel broooooding for a long ass time, but that's stalled out in a middle section that I can't get past. There's the one with the Ori plague that has no plot except Daniel Angsts A Lot and The Tok'ra Suck. And there's the one that I wanted to write before and then I talked to surreallis about abandoned cities and now I really want to write it except for that one, SG-1 can't figure out how the world ended and, uh...neither can I.

Stubborn old world -- I'm so gonna end up getting beaten with shoelaces.

If my mother was in fandom...

...I think she might be a slasher.

We're on the couch, gleefully playing 'solve the crime before Gil Grissom does.' George Eads is being George Eads (and it's even one of the good hair seasons), so I'm pretty much set. Then this conversation happens.

Mom: *sigh* Oh, Nick.
Me: Uh-huh.
Mom: I mean, this should be really boring. What's he doing, wandering around opening and closing trash can lids?
Me: And yet, I'm fascinated.
Mom: I know! He's my favorite TV cop.
Me: Me too! Him and Derek Morgan.
Mom: Oh...yes. I like him.
Me: *sigh*
Mom: *sigh...long pause...* I think they should do a crossover with them.
Me: ...yes. Yes, they should.

The family that pervs together....

Also, a big belated thank you to ivory_gates for the fireworks! Pretty! (Slightly mesmerizing, in fact.) My first vgift and it's so sparkly.

(And seriously, folks. There have got to be some CSI/Criminal Minds people on my flist. Nick and Derek? That's a story that needs to exist.)

ETA: Okay, maybe this is a deliberate costuming decision (I have not seen the torrent so I don't know what happens -- and please don't tell me!) but I was just looking at the Ark of Truth DVD cover art and, come on Bridge/MGM/wardrobe people/design folks/whoever decides these things. I think Vala rates a uniform. Teal'c's promo shot got updated -- fix Claudia Black's shirt, please.

I am, as always, entertained by the Daniel Jackson Slight-Upwards-Squint of Righteousness, though.